Roofing Companies Chennai

The choosing of Roofing Companies first of all is very important think to design the roof structure properly. Our Roofing Companies properly measuring the size after that only make to start the roof works. According to roof requirements of clients we providing best material designs & high quality standard requirements Iron & Roofing Sheets 0.47 thickness. As of now huge requirements of Industrial Building Constructions,Commercial Building Constructions all over the world alternate arrangement of Prefabricated work done by high quality roofing contractors. We done many roofing shed works in School, Colleges, Medicals, Hospitals, Industrial, Factory Work Shop etc The cost metal roofing Sheet is less come to Puff Panels.

We design and implementation of Industrial Roofing Manufacturers is looks normal RRC Industrial building structures.The height of Industrial Roofing Shed Construction is very height for normal buildings.

We can provide sustainable construction – green roofs, meeting your insulation requirements, sustainable materials and more. We can deal with waste management on a project Our Industrial Shed Construction Design is extremely incredible and Safety Industrial Shed Construction Shed work because of insurances by our group. Because of numerous favors and the diligent work of our magnificence of our colleagues, we have increased prominent and additionally extraordinary clients consistently.


Sri Thirumalai Roofing is a full-service roofing company. We’ve built a strong reputation in the community for treating every customer’s home as if it were our own. We care about the people we serve! Offering top-quality home improvements at competitive prices, we’re the team you should call when you need to replace your roofing or gutters in chennai or the surrounding area.


We specialize in New roofing installation, Roofing replacement, Customer service, Roofing repair and restoration, Traditional Slate Roof Repair, New Roof Installation Using Tiles, Flat Roofs, Preventative maintenance, Roofline, Guttering, Lead Work, Emergency Response, Roof Cleaning, Roof Coating/Sealing, Roughcast & Plastering, Chimney


We guarantee you get what you should expect from a world market and technology leader, Allowing us to provide the highest quality of workmanship and most reliable materials, ensuring a durable, completely renovated roof to protect your home and your family, our roofing team has the skills to accurately assess any roofing issue and to find an appropriate solution while maintaining a roofing.